Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Bike Lane aint a Bike Lane if...

...if you can't bike in it! Let me just say, I do commend the efforts of city planners and the cooperation of the DOT to paint green bike lanes on Broadway and other streets throughout the city. HOWEVER, why would you add another space in between the bike lane and the traffic lane with tables and benches for people to occupy? That forces people to walk through the bike lane. ARRRGHHHHHH! Why!?!? Look at this!

Why not just put the seating area next to the sidewalk where the pedestrians belong, not sandwiched between two moving lanes? Did anybody think this through? I almost took out like 8 people in a 3 block span. I ended up just using the road. For this lane: thanks, but no thanks.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eggs are for Eating

To the 3 young teenage boys on Willoughby Ave:

Don't you know that eggs are for eating, not for throwing? They offer no value when strewn throughout the street. Plus, you have terrible aim, I was like 15 feet away from you, c'mon. And watch your language.


PS: If I ever see you again I will strangle you worthless pieces of...

Conditions Violation?

Um, for some reason Blogger thinks I'm a terrorist, and decided to flag me for a month and make me type in this stupid word verification thing for each post. You know, the small picture with the distorted letters that I can barely read, let alone a spamming program robot. I keep getting it wrong too! Man!

That's why you get that stupid message when you try to read this.