Monday, August 17, 2009

a smooth slide

Math question of the week: What is the probability that every team is spaced apart by 1 game like this? How about with this exact combination with the exact records??? Winner gets a free cheesesteak.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chicago in the Summer

Last time I was in Chicago before this was for Greenbuild '07, and it was really cold. Before that was 2002 and it was even colder (like negative degrees). This time was actually the warmest time of their whole summer, so that made for a more enjoyable time. I went with Oliver and we stayed with Sarah. We did a whole bunch of stuff, eating, wandering, Lollapalooza, etc.

I also saw some other friends and checked out some BLL jobsites, both of which allowed me some amazing views.

One of the highlights was watching the Phillies beat the Cubs at Wrigley. I went with Sarah and we met up with Jessie B from Philly.

Afterwards we got some beers, when home, slept, and the next morning I was on my way back to NYC.

For more and higher res photos check out my flickr.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Midtown Night Views

I was helping my buddy Ian Cheney get access to a 600ft high vantage point for his new film, The City Dark, and took some photos myself. This is on top of the Orion at 42nd St and 9th Ave. We had to time this carefully in between all the rain we had this summer, to get as clear a sky as possible.

For more and higher res photos check out my flickr.