Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Strange Sleepers - Best of 2013

As 2013 comes to an end, we look back on the strangest of sleepers, those who didn't allow the lack of a bed to prevent them from catching some Zs.

We'll start out with a common sleeping commuter. I hope she's coming off the shift, I wouldn't want to see any patients under the care of this drowsy nurse:

Here's an example of a space-wasting sleeper, one who chooses to take up an extra seat in a crowded train in the pursuit of pillow simulation:

It's always nice when strange sleeping is passed down through generations:

Rounding out the subway series, here we have the gold standard in strange sleeping:

Now we venture above ground to see what lies at the top of the stairs. He didn't even nestle himself into a corner (credit to Patrick Lees for the pic):

Another gem courtesy of PL, this was BEFORE this particular Yankees game even started:

And finally, this LIC cafe sleeper. He was definitely sleeping, I got close enough to confirm, although he did trick many a passer by. Maybe he should have chosen coffee over wine...

And finally, thanks to Jordan Crouse for the link, a short video not of a strange sleeper, but of a guy sleeping on strangers!

Can't wait to see what strange sleepers 2014 has to offer!