Thursday, October 31, 2013

Some Holidays were Meant for the Weekend

Some holidays are always on a specific day of the week while others are tied to a specific date. As for the latter, there is one in particular, called "Halloween" that, when on a weekday, happens to not result in a paid day off of work, forcing celebration to occur in the work place. Well, for some, that is.

I happen to be one of those people. I just can't curtail the compulsion, the important responsibility I have to hold true to a celebration that shouldn't be bound to just a couple hours in the evening. Most real holidays (sorry, Columbus Day) get celebrated all day, and for me, I celebrate Halloween all day. Many others do not. Here was my journey to work this year.

The thing about New York City is that most people aren't impressed or even phased by seeing a giant cockroach right next to them, nonchalant, living in peaceful cohabitation.

But despite my physical appearance, there was still work to be done, and meetings to attend.

Finally after the work day was over, the rest of the world joined the celebration as well, and I joined the largest annual organized parade in the US. Finally I was able to join others as semi-sane as myself.